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Bramley Apple Week

Saturday, 8 February 2014

This week is Bramley Apple Week and The Bramley Apple campaign have released this video, which includes four sweet and two savoury recipes for you try out - they look delicious and are incredibly easy to prepare. 

What’s more, they are asking home cooks to share Bramley recipes with their own unique twist on the Bramley Apple Facebook page.  Recipes can be sweet or savoury with an emphasis on favourites such as crumbles and pies made special or presented in an unusual way. Budding cooks are given free creative control, with the only criteria being that Bramley apples must play a starring role in the recipe. 

All shortlisted winners will receive a £100 voucher with the grand prize for the champion being an all expenses paid weekend course at a top cookery school, as well as a goody bag of Phil Vickery and Bramley apple merchandise.

The Bramley is rightly recognised by professional chefs and home cooks alike as the best apple for cooking.  Grown only in Britain, the Bramley’s unique qualities make it one of the most versatile ingredients, equally at home in a savoury stir fry or a traditional apple pie, check out the Bramley Apple website for plenty of inspiration to use this great British ingredient!

This is a Sponsored Post.  Recipe and images cursory of The Bramley AppleCampaign.


  1. Just had a look at the website. some nice inspiration for the week. Thanks for sharing x

  2. They are just so versatile, aren't they? Now I have a craving for apple crumble!

  3. I love a nicely cooked Bramley. Baked,crumbled, or pie.

  4. It's funny as we have a Bramley apple tree in our garden but our apples came and went a long time ago. So the celebration week seems late to me - but perhaps other trees produce fruit for longer I shall go and look at the Bramley Facebok page x


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