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Warburtons Krazy Kitchen - making lunches fun

Saturday, 24 August 2013
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I normally try and make all of our bread, wraps, pita breads and scrolls for packed lunches.  Occasionally I will pick up some in the supermarket for when I am unable to make my own.  Yes there are rare times when I am too tired, stressed or ill to bake my own *returns domestic goddess crown and hangs head in shame*  There are some fab products available to ensure your lunches are not boring and wraps or sandwich thins are a great alternative to sandwich bread if you fancy something different.

Warburtons have asked me to draw your attention to their campaign to Liven Up Your Lunch and bring a bit of "Kraziness" into lunchtimes with the Warburtons Krazy Kitchen Gameshow over on their Facebook page.  Lunchtimes in the school holidays can be rather crazy at times in our house too.  My 3 girls seem to be endlessly ravenous and they all like to help make lunch which can be a little chaotic at times and involve negotiation and peacekeeping skills that the UN would be proud of. 

Warburtons have filmed a series of videos starring the Griffiths and McDermott families completing lunchtime challenges to earn the title of Liven Up Lunchtime, Krazy Kitchen Challenge Champions and win a years supply of Warburtons bread.  There are also some delicious recipe suggestions on their website for healthy lunchtime treats for you and your family to try.

I was meant to be sent a hamper of goodies to try our some of their recipes but sadly the hamper was lost in transit.  I hope the person who 'acquired' my hamper has made good use of the contents and had several delicious lunches!  

Here are a couple of delicious recipe suggestions, which feature in the Krazy Kitchen video clips, to Liven Up Your Lunchtime:

Tex Mex Mayhem

Per person/sandwich you will need:

1 Tblsp refried beans
Generous handful of salad leaves
¼ - ½ an avocado, mashed
¼ of a red chilli - deseeded and finely chopped
2 Tblsp natural yoghurt
drizzle of Olive Oil
Squeeze of fresh lime juice

Mash up the avocado, lime, chilli and olive oil in a bowl.  Lay out your wrap, sandwich thin or slice of bread and spread one side of the wrap, or one slice of bread or sandwich thin with the refried beans before topping with salad leaves.  Spread the other side of the wrap, slice of bread or sandwich thin with mashed avocado and the yogurt.  Roll your wrap up and slice it or put your sandwich thins or slices of bread together and enjoy your lunch!

Chicken Supreme

Serves 2

2 Warburton sandwich thins
1 Tblsp low-fat mayonnaise
10 slices of cucumber
1 spring onion, green and white parts, finely chopped (the recipe suggested red onion but we're not fans of raw red onion so I substituted spring onion which is much milder)
Generous handful of lettuce or salad greens, washed
1 cooked skinless chicken breast, or 150g leftover shredded chicken

Spread the sandwich thins with low fat mayonnaise then arrange the cucumber and spring onion on top.  Slice the chicken breast and put half on each sandwich then top with salad greens.  Put the other half of the sandwich thins on top.  Enjoy your lunch!

Photo courtesy of Warburtons

** This is a Sponsored Post **

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  1. What a shame your hamper got lost. I am a huge fan of Warburtons, love their naans and the square wraps.


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