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New Walkers Mighty Lights - Review

Saturday, 31 August 2013
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Our typical holiday lunch, with the addition of crisps - which is very unusual.
I have a confession to make, we don't normally have crisps in the house.  We tend to snack on fruit, vegetable crudites or homemade baking.  My children enjoy crisps at parties or friends houses but I don't usually buy them.  When I was asked if we wanted to review new Walkers Mighty Lights I think my children would've gone insane had I said no.  They may have cheered and danced around the lounge when the package arrived.

My daughters tend to turn into ravenous locusts in the holidays devouring much more food than during term time.  I am sure their Summer growth spurts are a result of having more time at home to raid the cupboards and fridge.  All 3 agreed that the crisps were tasty, flavoursome and they would like some more please, thank you very much.

Here's what Walkers say about Mighty Lights:

It can be tricky to find great tasting lunchbox snacks that keep both kids and mums happy.  NEW Walkers Mighty Lights are in stores now ready for the start of the new term.  NEW Walkers Mighty Lights ridged crisps are tasty yet light with 30% less fat. Made from real potato with no artificial colours or preservatives and no MSG, they’re perfect for lunches.

Available in three delicious flavours:  Cheese & Onion, Lightly Salted or Roast Chicken flavour.  No artificial colours or preservatives, no MSG and suitable for vegetarians.  

Here's what we had to say:

My daughters though the crisps were delicious and enjoyed each flavour with Cheese and Onion being the unanimous favourite.  The crisps weren't too salty or greasy and the flavourings stayed on the crisps rather than transferring to fingers and inevitably clothing.  Flavourings were flavoursome but not overpowering and the packs were just big enough for a snack without overfilling little tums.  At £1 for a six pack on offer at the supermarket at the moment the price is fairly reasonable.  

Our school is a health promoting school so crisps aren't allowed in lunchboxes, much to my relief.  I would consider buying these crisps as a treat for school holidays, parties or perhaps occasionally for weekend trips and outings.  The fact that they are lower in salt, fat and free from nasties such as MSG and artificial colours and preservatives does make me feel slightly better about buying them.

Photo courtesy of Walkers

** This is a Sponsored Post **

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  1. CHIPS!!! Sorry but i love chips! :) How i wish that this has been exported to our country. Want to taste it though. (my name means i am a glutton person) :P


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