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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Money Supermarket's Big Night In

** This is a sponsored post **

We are thrifty for many reasons in our household, meagre financial resources being one of them.  The days of us sauntering off as a couple to restaurants or the cinema are long gone as childcare is expensive and should we take our children the outing can either be fab or feral, you just never know which it will be.  As a result we tend to save outings in the holidays as a treat for us all and visit plenty of free attractions and events along with one trip to the cinema or other outing which we save up for.  

I was delighted to be challenged by Money Supermarket to have a Big Night In for £50.  I invited friends over, there were 5 children and 5 adults, 10 mouths to feed in total.  Here's what we did:

Games for the children:  Giant Snakes and Ladders, Crazy Golf £10 from Asda.  Sidewalk Chalk and 6 bubble wands £6 from Hobbycraft and Poundland.  These will continue to be used in the upcoming summer school holidays to battle boredom.  Money well spent for lasting entertainment.

Music: We have a Spotify subscription so that provided uninterrupted tunes FREE

Drinks: Friends bought wine and Pimms for us all, we provided homemade blackcurrant cordial and homemade elderflower cordial from foraged and allotment produce. FREE

Dinner: Salad greens, spring onions, radishes and potatoes for salads from our allotments FREE, 10 burgers, 10 sausages, 700g mince (made into koftas) £10 from Asda.  Storecupboard Salad £6 also from Asda.  Vegetables for kebabs £5.87.

Puddings: Grapes, pears, apples, kiwifruit and bananas for fruit salad £4 Cream to accompany puddings and sugar for meringues £2.60 from Asda. Berries from our back garden and allotment FREE. Pavlova made with free range eggs from friends chickens FREE Rhubarb Compote for meringue nests using rhubarb from out allotment FREE

Disposable plates, bowls, cutlery and tumblers £5 from Asda.

Grand Total: £49.47 - that is just under £5 per person for a huge feast, drinks, entertainment, music and fun with friends.  What a bargain!  Much cheaper than a movie, takeaway dinner or outing battling the crowds and paying for transport or parking on top of the cost of the meal and activity.

A great time was had by all, thanks Money Supermarket for the chance to have a 
Big Night In!

** This is a sponsored post **


  1. And if you had used your own plates, cups and bowls etc you would have saved another £5.00. Amazing what you can achieve. And by the look of it you probably had a really healthy meal. Seems like it was a great night. I myself believe in cooking your own meals in house rather than buying in take aways etc. I even tried my own pizza's in our electric oven. They were not bad. Click on the link for a nice healthy Indian Meal that you might enjoy preparing for a weekend night in. I know I really enjoyed - even at my first attempt to cook it. If you like it you might tell your friends where to find it. Comments Welcome - Well Done To All.

    1. Thanks Ben :o) I would normally use our own cups, plates, etc but decided for once to save on washing up. It was a fab evening, healthy and delicious food enjoyed by all.