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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The Sanza Shop Tim Tam Giveaway!

As regular readers will know I am a proud expat Kiwi.  One of the things I miss most about home, apart from relatives, are food items that you can only get in NZ.

However, there is a solution for those homesick for treats from NZ.  The SANZA Shop sells NZ, Australian and South African treats which you can get delivered to your door. 

One treat that my husband misses more than anything else are dark chocolate Tim Tams.  They are SO good!  There are no biscuits that compare to them here in the UK, believe me I have tried.

The Sanza Shop want to know from fans “How do you enjoy your Tim Tams?”  Do you nibble, do you slam, do you blend and make a milkshake? The lovelies from the Sanza Shop want to know, they want to know so badly that if you tell them, you might just win over a thousand Tim Tams. Yup, you read right, over a thousand Tim Tams!!!

If that sounds like a good deal then you need to head over to their Facebook page (starting Friday 26th April), go to the competition tab and enter your name, email address and how you enjoy your Tim Tams (Only eligible if you have a UK address). Send it off and you are done, obviously though it wouldn’t hurt to share and tweet it.  Let all your mates know that there is a 1001 Tim Tams to be won, eaten and shared.
Throughout the length of the competition there will be a 20% discount on Original Tim Tams.  The closing date is Friday the 31st of May.
While you wait, check the Sanza Shop Blog because they will also be updating it with recipes and ideas and releasing a limited number of offer codes with each post to bag yourself further deals when shopping with Sanza.
 Now head over to the Sanza Shop Facebook Page and enter! 1001 Tim Tams are at stake!

This is not a sponsored post it is a public service for all those homesick antipodeans and South Africans out there.

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