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Taking Care of Kitchen Knives

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

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A good chef’s knife needs to look as good as it functions – it’s almost like an extension of a chef’s arm.  But in spite of its name, the professional chef’s knife isn’t something that belongs exclusively to the Jamie Oliver’s of this world.

In fact, more and more wannabe cooks are starting to add these fundamental choppers to their utensil collection – and for good reason.  But, whether, you own a shiny set of Japanese knives or a fine set of Kasumis, you’ll need to maintain them in the same way – but many of us don’t know how how.

One top supplier of kitchen equipment Chef’s Knives Online, have put together their own short but comprehensive guide to keeping your knives in the best possible condition.

Only ever wash your knives by hand - As cheesy as that might sound, the worst think you could do is put your knives in the dishwasher. Only ever rinse them under the tap using warm water and mild dishwashing liquid or you’ll risk scratching them, and it’s also important that you dry them properly to prevent them from rusting.

Avoid cutting through frozen foods - Be warned, culinary crusaders, it’s never a good idea to chop into foods that are still a bit frozen. The same can be said for bones, because you’ll run the risk of shattering the blade.

Don’t yank the blade out if you get it stuck.  It can happen.  You cut into something particularly tough, and then find it difficult to get the blade out. The guys at Chef’s Knives Online suggest you use a firm backwards movement rather than a sideways twist which could potentially mean you snap the blade completely.

Store your knives well - If you can, buy yourself some proper knife blocks.  Magnetic racks are also good, as are knife docks.  By using these, you’ll prevent them from clanging together in the drawer

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** This is a sponsored post **

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