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Friday, 23 November 2012

Hilton Doubletree Leeds - Review

When Asda asked me to attend a pie masterclass and visit their new development kitchens in Leeds I accepted within a couple of minutes of the email landing in my Inbox.  The thought of a few relaxing hours of peaceful train travel there and back, plus a childfree night in a lovely hotel along with a superb hotel breakfast had me rather excited.

The hotel is new and this made navigation to the hotel difficult on a cold and rainy night.  However, on arrival guests are presented with a warm chocolate chip cookie and the staff are very helpful and pleasant.

The soundproofing in the room was excellent as were the blackout curtains, even though I was so tired I could've slept through almost anything.  There was a bit of noise from people coming and going from rooms and wandering about in the corridor but other than that it was peaceful enough for me to snooze happily.

The bed was HUGE and the bedding was crisp and white.  The duvet was a bit thick and heavy though and the pillows were a bit hard but other than that it was bliss.  I slept like a starfish, relished the peace without my snoring husband and was able to watch telly without interruption.

The bathroom was spotless and gleaming with toiletries from Crabtree and Evelyn.  I had a very long shower and washed my hair twice, just because I could.  The shower had excellent water pressure and there was an endless supply of hot water. It was brilliant to be able to have a shower without interruption, the hot water running out or having to referee between bickering kids downstairs whilst trying to wash my hair.

I would've liked a coffee machine or something other than awful sachets of instant coffee and tea bags to quench my thirst.  The chance to have a hot chocolate before bedtime would've been welcome.  Fruit would've been fab too as apart from the cookie on check in there were no other snacks apart from a couple of small cookies on the tea tray - not much use if you are coeliac.

The wifi signal was intermittent and weak, not sure if there were issues with it that night or it is usually the case.  The next morning in the Reception Area dn Restaurant the wifi was fine and I was tweeting and Instagramming my way through breakfast.

There was a good quality hair dryer, which I put to good use drying my hair as I had the time to faff about without kids to sort out.  The wardrobe had automatic lights in it which showed there was a ironing board and iron in there too which I didn't use.  I don't iron at home unless my life depends on it so was certainly not feeling the urge to iron in a posh hotel room.

There was a lovely hot Kiwi chap on the Reception Desk when I went to check out and he showed me to my breakfast table.  I was able to choose whatever I liked from a large buffet selection of hot and cold breakfast options.  It was very peaceful sitting and watching ducks swimming on the river outside the window instead of having to ensure everyone had eaten their breakfast, brushed their hair and teeth and located school bags.

I did miss my family though a few times, it certainly didn't stop me from enjoying a rare night away and taste of luxury. 

The cost of my room and breakfast was around £100 and I was the delighted guest of Asda

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