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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

£50 bundle of Dishmatic and EcoForce products - Giveaway

ecoforce and dishmatic prizes

This is a fab giveaway that will help you clean your dishes and laundry in an eco-friendly way, what more could you want?! (Apart from someone to wash your dishes and laundry for you! LOL)

Since I am a bit of a housework junkie and clean freak I love their pegs, cloths and sponges.  My favourite item has to be the bag clips, great for closing bags of frozen food and stopping freezer burn as well as spillages and wastage.

If you would like to winning a year’s supply of these brilliant and useful products worth £50 then enter this giveaway!  The prize for one lucky winner will be:

EcoForce peg basket
EcoForce clothes line
EcoForce pegs
EcoForce sponges, scourers, cloths and dusters
EcoForce food bag grips
Dishmatic handles
Dishmatic refills
Dishmatic steel scourer


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  1. salt and vinegar ideal for cleaning copper bottom pans - brings them up sparkling - and you thought they were crisps!!!

  2. my eco friendly tip is to invest in a steam cleaner, even the small ones are fab for getting rid of a lot of dirt with less chemicals so its better for the environent and for you and your children x

  3. Leave a denture tablet in the toilet bowl overnight to get rid of limescale.

  4. i always use scrunched up newspaper with a few drops of vinegar to clean my windows. it leaves them lovely and smudge free. :o)

  5. I am a firm believer that Bicab and Vinegar are just the best cleaning products!

  6. My eco friendly tip is to use the water from my condenser dryer to water my plants!

  7. Vinegar and water or lemon juice for cleaning windows with no smears

  8. Vinegar is a great disinfectant, put some in a spray bottle - especially good on chopping boards.

  9. I just love baking powder for descaling and scrubbing taps/sink/bath etc etc

  10. Vinegar diluted to clean windows and dry them with newspaper for a smear free shine x

  11. Add the contents of your hoover to your compost heap.

  12. bicarbonate of soda and lemon juice for scrubbing the sink.

  13. recycle old t-shirts and other clothing into dusters and cleaning cloths!

  14. Lemon Juice for Limescale

  15. I use bicarb of soda for the fridge.

  16. I use soap nuts instead of washing powder as I have eczema. Very cheap to use as well and can be used for lots of other things like washing hair and hand soap.

  17. I'm another fan of white vinegar! If you can put up with the smell it cleans everything!

  18. I mix Backing Soda (Bicarbonate of Soda) with a bit of water to dissolve grease and grime on the cooker, etc.

  19. i add lemon juice to a cup of water to get rid of tea stains in a mug

  20. I always use good quality reusable dishcloths rather than throw away cleaning wipes. Much better for the environment.

  21. Use warm water and vinigar to clean windows and polish with newspaper

  22. Use old clothes as rags for cleaning


  23. Use a low temp when washing your clothes.

  24. love using white vinegar in the kitchen, fab for stainless steel :)

  25. I use vinegar as rinse in my dishwasher x

  26. Use 30 degrees temp when washing clothes

  27. I use vinegar as rinse in my dishwasher and in my washing machine :)

  28. Silver items can be cleaned/polished by boiling them in a pot with strips of aluminium foil for 10 minutes.

  29. when shampoo, washing up, cleaning bottles etc are empty or seems empty. just unscrew the top and mix abit of water with it, will make it go further.