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Monday, 12 March 2012

Have you ever wanted to run a restaurant?

I'm sure most of us with an interest in food have day dreamed about running our own eating establishment, I know I have.  Well now you can, online!

The Restaurant Experience is a new dining out concept created by Michelin star chef John Burton-Race and food entrepreneur Jonathan Davies.  The idea is to form a worldwide food members club that will create restaurants around the world and will be completely run by the public who are members of the club. It is a very innovative, interesting idea that they're hoping will change the way people dine out by making it completely interactive.

People can sign up at http://www.the-restaurant-experience.com/ and will initially be asked to say which city they'd like to see a restaurant launch - there are 10 options including London, Sydney, New York etc. Once there have been enough sign ups under one city (they are aiming for 8-10,000) then people will be invited to join The Restaurant Experience in that city and pay a £60 joining fee. Members will have complete run of the restaurant and will be voting on issues such as menus, decor, location, staff, everything! So it won't be run by chefs but by the public.

In return for the £60 fee members will not only run the restaurant, they will also get £60 vouchers to spend in the restaurant, have their name in the restaurant, get reward points, a phone app, 24 hour live streaming and other offers. The Restaurant Experience is also launching a cooking channel as part of the project.
Founder Jonathan Davies comments, “Today, everything is virtual. At the touch of a button we can build and destroy virtual cities, manage a virtual football club and even build and create our own virtual culinary establishment. Now we want to give people the opportunity to create and run their own real life restaurant.”.
John Burton-Race comments: “This is the Big Brother of restaurants as the public will have full control of everything, it really is the first restaurant that is completely for the people, by the people”.
So why don't you pop over to http://www.the-restaurant-experience.com/ and check it out!
*This is not a sponsored post, however, I do get to attend the launch event, have my expenses reimbursed and be wined and dined for the day.  Yes I am a really cheap date! LOL

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