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Cafédirect Coffee and Dessert Matching Challenge Winner Announced

Tuesday, 13 December 2011
As part of a unique coffee matching experiment, premium hot drinks brand Cafédirect challenged foodies across Britain to show off their culinary skill.

The brief was to create the perfect dessert recipe to pair with one of Cafédirect’s single origin coffees, for the chance to win the dream foodie prize of £500 to spend at celebrated gourmet cookery school L’atelier des Chefs and feature in a limited edition recipe book.

Saskia Rogerson, from Marlborough in Wiltshire, was crowned winner with her delicious Cardamom Chocolate Mousse with Hazelnuts, as it perfectly matches Cafédirect’s Machu Picchu coffee. It complements the nutty and chocolatey characteristics of this smallholder grown coffee from the slopes of the Peruvian Andes.

Cafédirect set out to encourage the British public to explore coffee in much the way as a sommelier does with wine. Just as different wines have distinctive regional characteristics, which are dependent on factors such as soil, climate and altitude, the same is true for coffee.

The panel of judges included Head Chef at L’atelier des Chefs Andre Dupin, renowned food blogger April Harris of The 21st Century Housewife and Cafédirect coffee expert Thierry Akroman. From Lemon posset to Qunice Tart Tatin, there were a huge variety of entries to tickle every palate.
Cardamom Chocolate Mousse with Hazelnuts on an Amaretti Biscuit Base

Biscuit Base

250g amaretti biscuits, crushed

120g unsalted butter

2 tbsp chopped hazlenuts

3 cardamon pods, grated

Caramelised carrot and chilli layer

2 Tbsp shredded carrot

2 Tbsp shredded chilli

25g unsalted butter

4Tbsp muscavado sugar

Cardamom, Hazelnut and Chocolate mousse

300g bittersweet chocolate, broken into pieces

2 Tbsp hazelnuts

4 cardamom pods, grated

45g unsalted butter

5 separated eggs

4Tbsp caster sugar

230ml double cream

1Tsp vanilla extract shot of espresso made with Cafédirect Machu Picchu Roast and Ground coffee

For the biscuit base:
Melt the butter in a pan, pour in the amaretti biscuit, hazelnuts and grated cardamom. Transfer to 28" springform cake tin and leave to cool.

Combine all the ingredients for the caramelised carrot and chilli layer in a saucepan and bring the mixture of the above slowly to simmer until it caramelises, then pour onto the biscuit layer so it forms an even layer.

For the mousse:
Melt the chocolate and butter in a bowl heated over pan of simmering water, add in espresso, cardamom, and hazelnuts. Leave to cool slightly.

Heat the egg yolks and 2tbsp sugar in another bowl over the simmering pan of water. Whisk until warm then transfer to electric mixer and mix until the yolk is pale and fluffy. Then fold into chocolate mixture.

Whisk the egg whites in a clean bowl until they are stiff, then fold this into the chocolate mixture. In a bowl set over ice, whip the cream until stiff and fold into chocolate mixture.

Spoon onto the biscuit and carrot/chilli caramel layer in the cake tin, and spread evenly with a spatula. Decorate with hazelnuts and grated cardamom. Cover and chill for 2 hours, then serve.
This recipe will now be the star in a limited edition Cafédirect Coffee & Dessert Matching Guide, which also features 15 shortlisted recipes each matching the profile of one Cafédirect’s single origin coffees. The guide will be available for download from www.cafedirect.co.uk/world-of-taste in January 2012.


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