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Chocolate Making Workshop

Tuesday, 23 August 2011
Recently I took my Mum along for a Chocolate Making Workshop with the lovely Dawn from The Melting Pot in Hitchin. 

It was FABULOUS!  We had a great time with 6 other ladies learning about how chocolate is grown and made, how to temper chocolate, and of course how to make some delectable treats to take home.

The venue was a delightful summer house in Dawn's garden, complete with bunting and gingham curtains.

Dawn was a great hostess and made us all feel welcome and at ease.  When we got there she was preparing an large vat of chocolate for us to work with.

We each had our own workstation on a very large table.  Our first task was to pipe either caramel or boozy white chocolate ganache into some premade chocolate orbs and then seal them with some more piped chocolate.  They were left to set so that we could coat them with more chocolate later.

Dawn then moved the vat of tempered chocolate into the middle of the table.  It was just begging for us to dip tasty treats in to it.  Well, far be it for us not to oblige! LOL

Dawn talked us through the techniques for ensuring even coverage, how to make sure we didn't loose our fudge, how to prevent pooling and avoid drippy bottoms. *snigger*

We each had over 40 items to dip in to the tempered chocolate and decorate how we wished with a selection of sprinkles and adornments.  These were my Mum's finished chocolates:

And these were some of mine, please excuse the messy board - I was busy laughing and larking about with my Mum *ahem*:

Whilst we waited for our treats to set, we removed our aprons and cleaned our chocolaty hands.  Twas then time to have a sit down and chat, over a cuppa of course, about how chocolate is made and taste some interesting chocolates.  There was a fun quiz with some gorgeous chocolate buttons as the prize.

Once our chocolate creations had set we packaged them up in some very pretty bags with raffia ties.

The cost of the workshop was £45 per person, with discounts for group bookings.  Workshops are held for groups of 8 people, you can buy gift vouchers so that you can give your friends the chance to take part in a workshop, and there are workshops specifically for children too.

Should you wish to book a place on one of Dawn's fab workshops, please contact her via email dawn@makechocolates.co.uk to reserve your place or discuss a bespoke workshop in more detail.

It was a fab way to spend a morning and we had loads of fun, not to mention over 40 chocolates each to take home.  I totally recommend Dawn's workshops for a group of friends or even your Mum and best friend or sisters. Well worth the £45 each and train tickets to and from Hitchin.


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